Monday, October 7, 2013

Keep You From Harm by Debra Doxer—Blog Tour!

Release Date: September 20, 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace
Series: Keep You From Harm #1
Age Group: New Adult
Pages: 354
Format: ePub
Source: AToMR Tours
Buy the Book: Amazon

Synopsis: Secrets… 

They weigh you down. I’ve kept a secret all my life. It’s my mother’s secret, too. I inherited it from her along with a unique ability that only we possess. She’s gone now, another victim of addiction. If her death isn’t enough to bring me to my knees, her betrayal flays me to the bone. Because the secret my mother and I have been keeping is just one of many she’d kept. She never told me I have an older brother. And now he’s here, eager to be my guardian.

There is no one else. So I move across the country to live with this stranger, my brother. But experience has taught me that most situations are temporary and forming attachments only leads to hurt in the end. That’s why I’m determined to keep to myself in this new place, struggling to seem aloof while I’m quietly breaking apart.

Then I meet Lucas…

His magnetism is hard to resist, and most girls at school aren’t resisting. I don’t fall so easily though, especially not for guys who use their good looks as a weapon. From the start, our interactions are tense and volatile. I know it’s because I’m denying the unwelcome desire that grips me when he’s near. I think he feels it, too. He looks at me with an intensity that threatens to unhinge my resolve. Soon he’s trying to break through the walls that past hurts have built.

But I’m not what I appear to be, and it wouldn’t be fair to get involved with him. At least that’s what I tell myself. Until a terrible act of violence reveals that Lucas has a secret, too. It’s a secret that links us together and ties us to an evil history I could never have imagined.

My Review: This book, okay to be honest I'm not sure if I'm capable of reviewing this book without at least some spoilers, so I'm gonna say this now: read at your own risk. I doubt that the spoilers will be major but well you never know. Anyway, this book as a start I had no freaking clue that it was paranormal. When she [Raeielle? Raielle? I don't remember how it's properly spelled, but I really don't want to go look it up!] started talking about how she could heal people and whatnot, I was like, "Woah, woah back it up! What do you mean heal?" lol. But it was really good. Lucas pissed me off a bit to be honest. I'm not a big Lucas fan, but he was okay. He was too... grrr... I want you... ignoring you.... So, nope I didn't quite fall in love with him. Even though he did redeem himself a teeny bit there at the end when he was very helpful and willing to do anything for Rae. Her powers were something that I found very cool and intriguing so I loved that. I also just loved how it all sort of just escalated and all of a sudden I didn't even know what was going on so I needed to keep reading and reading and then someone got something and someone got pissed and someone killed someone and someone flew in and then BAM! The End.
And I know that you did not understand a lot of that but I refuse to spoil the ending! But it sounds good, right? Yup, it is, so go read it!

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