Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Switched Baby Scandal by Theresa Meyers

Release Date: June 10, 2013
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
Series: Scandals of San Sebastian #1
Characters: Taylor Lawrence, Reece Wallace
Age Group: Adult
Pages: 220
Format: PDF
Source: Publisher
Buy the Book: Amazon

Synopsis: His child. Her daughter. One monumental mix-up.

Single mom Taylor Lawrence just discovered that the hospital sent her home with the wrong infant five years ago. Now the headstrong and handsome biological father wants his child back. But Emily has always been her daughter, and Taylor won’t give her up without a fight.

Widower Reece Wallace believed his life was over when a drunk driver killed his wife and daughter. So when he learns of the baby switch, he sees this child as his ultimate salvation. But he never anticipated the fiery woman on the other side of this custody battle—or how she’d stir feelings in him long dormant.

As the media storm surrounding the hospital’s mistake intensifies, Taylor and Reece find there’s more to sort out than custody of Emily—they must work together to protect her while grappling with their growing attraction. Can they pick up the pieces of two broken families and meld them into something new?

My Review: I'm always a sucker for books with babies. For books where the guys are total softies when it comes to kids. It's just so cute to see a man, who is usually pretty gruff and tough, be all yielding and lovable. And although most of them are, they usually try to hide it and it's cute when they go soft for the woman they love it just turns me to mush with kids! I know I'm a cheesy ball of sap, but don't tell anyone! Anyway, this book was really good. It's this big confusing scandal thing and it turns out that Reece is Emily's real father and Taylor is not the real mother, but she's had the little girl for like 4 years or so. Reece really wants to get to know his daughter now that he knows Emily is his. Taylor is afraid that all he wants is to take her away. Looks like Taylor may be falling for Reece and I mean come on, who wouldn't melt when he's just so sweet and so kind?  Anyway for real you need to read it because it's mega sweet. I love the Bliss line because it's full of these amazing romances.

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