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Cinderella Makeover by Hope Tarr—Blog Tour!

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About the Book:
The Cinderella Makeover by Hope Tarr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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Fashionista Francesca St. James has agreed to work as a "fairy godmother" on the reality TV show Project Cinderella, taking contestants from geeky to dreamy. When Francesca’s archrival bets she can't transform the awkwardly sweet CEO to hot in under eight weeks, Francesca accepts the challenge. As CEO of a tech company, Greg may have billions, but what’s it worth without a woman to share it with? From day one on the show though, he clashes with his gorgeous fairy godmother—yet off-set, he can’t stop thinking about her. But this sexy woman is so far out of his league…and wants to change every single thing about him. It's up to him to show her it's more than clothes that make the man. May the best man or geek win…

My Review: This book was very cute! I read the first in the series a couple months ago and really enjoyed it. This one I enjoyed probably a bit more. I liked how you get to see another side to Francesca. I felt like in the first book the only image she gave me was one of being a totally presumptuous biatch. Like she only cared about fashion and having a nice life and looking good. Then again the story wasn't really about her and it was just a skim. In this book we see Francesca in a totally new light. She's struggling with different aspects of her life and you can see how truly worried she is about the direction her relationship with her daughter is going and how she regrets many events that led them there.
Greg is this charming, yet a bit socially awkward guy. He's cute and messy and not very fashionable. Totally NOT like Francesca. Somehow they're attracted to each other and after some time I can actually see how.
I loved how you it's almost... creeping up on them, the whole liking each other thing. At first they both just feel contempt and suddenly they actually genuinely get along. Very good read. Such a cute romance.

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