Monday, March 25, 2013

Wait For You by J. Lynn

Wait for You by J. Lynn
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The book was fantastic. Cam was just... wow. And so cute and cocky—I mean, confident. Avery got on my nerves a teeny tiny bit. I was totally on Cam's side with everything. I mean, he was being so raw and real with her and she still couldn't confide in him. No matter that he had proven to her over and over again that my God the man was serious about her! That he was trustworrthy and caring and loyal. What happened to Avery was horrible, it was worse than what I originally thought actually. And I loathe her parents with such firceness that just.. gah! She was weak, but she was 14, for chrissake it was only natural she be scared and confused. Yeah, that's for Molly.
Anyway, fantastic book and I adored the chemistry between them and the Sundays :)

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