Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dented Cans by Heather Walsh

Dented Cans by Heather Walsh
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This book. It was very different from many--possibly all--of the books I've read. It was certainly real. The story was very insightful and gives you a look, not only into how many teenagers think and what they go through, but how families truly are. We all have problems, and boy that's the truth. The tricky thing is how we deal with them. Whether we are in constant and incessant denial (like Hannah's parents), or we take it all with passive resistance (like Hannah), or rant and complain and argue (like Ryan). It's all in how we are able to cope and deal with our problems. I like to think Hannah is just trying to get by without stirring the pot too much. It's a very great read and has a secret that will leave you a bit agog and also give you a better insight on the Sampsons.
I found myself to be very identified with Hannah and all of her passive resistance, because that's pretty much my method. Except I exchange her SAT prep list for my iPod. You have to choose your battles (whoever said that is one wise cookie) and for me, it's basically my motto. If it's not my battle I forge on with my ever handy iPod and passive resistance. After all, someday you'll be able to decide for yourself what to do and how to do it. I'll stop rambling now.

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