Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, Updates, Tours and NaNo!

Hello my precious....


*cue horror music and blood-curdling screams*

For my costume I have... nothing. Bummer. I didn't dress up, but I still Life-Framed a moustachio onto my face! :)

Pretty spooky, huh? LOL Okay enough of that! So, another good part about Halloween is... tomorrow starts National Novel Writing Month! Hurrah!
So, last year I participated for the first time and sadly I did not reach my goal; I was 5k short, but I still felt proud of myself for giving it all I had. Plus, it was tons of fun.
I'm gonna put up a meter thingy to show you how my progress is going. Also, I encourage you to join! If you love to write, you will love the challenge that NaNo will present you. If you join, and would like to add me as a writing buddy so we can keep each other pumped, here is my profile link. Click HERE.
In other news, the lovely Tammara Webber will have her very own, very first Blog Tour! Woo! Blog Tours are so much fun! So make sure to pop by all her stops and participate in all the fun. To buy and/or read about Easy click HERE. To read more info about the Blog Tour such as tour dates and an awesome excerpt, click HERE!
I'll post the banner below so you can take a look and add it to your sidebar and whatnot if you'd like. It's puuurty. :)

And yes, I apologize very much because I have been total AWOL for like, a month! Shame on me :( I have done some reading though and I promise a review is coming this week. So be patient, please and don't lose faith in me! I shall keep posting!

And that is all! If you read the whole thing and reached this part, thank you! Have some candy.

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