Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reviewers Wanted!!!

Hey guys! :)

As I've mentioned before I am going to start University this Fall and I finally start on Monday! Yipee! But before that I've had to go for other matters, like orientations and welcome assembly type things and other stuff. I'm also working during the afternoons and working on this top secret thing and am reading **** with the awesome **** that is just wow, but it also takes up my remaining time, so I am super tired when I get home! And as you can see I cannot post as frequently as I would like and once I start to take my courses on Monday I'll have even less time. I don't want to leave my readers hanging or be totally AWOL, so on account of I love all of you guys I am soliciting reviewers!
They would be doing guest reviews on my blog and that way I can review more frequently on the blog instead of just when I have to time to read and review something. Those of you interested in sending me reviews to put up, please check out the reviews that are already live to make sure you are not sending in a duplicate. To see the reviews I've already done visit the Archive or click HERE.
Also keep in mind that while I love a variety of genres I only review Young Adult on my blog. I have a strict no tolerance policy on trashing an author's work because even if you might not be into the book they have written, they worked hard and deserve to be respected. If it's not your thing it will surely be someone else's. That does not mean you are not allowed to express an honest opinion, but it will be expressed in a respectful and tactful manner. Please be sure to read Section 2 of my Review Policy.
All reviews sent will have to be approved by me before going online. If I decide to post your review I will email you back and let you know once your post has gone live. Please click here to see the information you need to send along with your review.
My email: crazedbookie(at)

So read, review and email me! Tell your friends and spread the word! Pretty please with a cherry on top?

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