Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sharing my summer...

Hello Guys! *waves*

Today I want to share with you everything that has been going on with me lately. As you all know I graduated from High School in May (yay!). The graduation was wee bit long, but it was beautiful and I had a great time. I was kind of nervous when I got there, but when I saw my friends I calmed down. I wasn't able to sit beside them, only one, because of the alphabetical seating order but that's okay because I had fun nonetheless and I spent time with other classmates. For the occasion I got blonde highlights; I wanted to look different. After all, I was ending a part of my life and I wanted to welcome the new one with a new and improved me. A more mature me. (Okay, so I'm still basically a total goof, but whatever) I bought a one shoulder black lace dress with a cream colored under-fabric. The one shoulder had this sort of flower thing. When I saw it I'll admit it looked hideous, but I tried it on and it looked amazing, so I bought that one. My hair is naturally curly and wild so I had it flat-ironed and awesome. When I got to the theater (that's where the graduation was) everyone was shocked. I got tons of appraises which only made me feel slightly self-conscious, though I guess they should have made me feel hot, lol. Everyone was gorgeous, though.
(btw, I discovered that my physics teacher was a clown for some years and he even won two awards for children's CD's. How cool is that?!)
I am a very casual kind of girl, so for everyone to see me all dressed up and with make-up was a total surprise. I’ll admit the surprise in their voices when they said I looked beautiful was a bit insulting. But what could I expect? I’m the girl with the ratty converse, the jeans and a random sweater with either a whole color or cartoons on them. I’m not a fancy person. I never wear make-up and as for my hair well, it’s hard maintaining it! So I usually have it pulled up in a messy bun or a ponytail aka a rat’s nest :O
Anyway, here's a picture of me on my grad day! :)

Another thing I did in May was have a summer job. Yeah, I know it's not summer, but that's how it works. I signed up for a summer job and got a call and I was excited! The town has a program for kids between 14 and 21 where you sign up and hope you get called to work during either June or July. This year though a new program was installed called "Green Summer" in which groups of kids would get jobs for two weeks, so that more people had a chance to participate. My two weeks were the last two weeks of May. My group got designated to cleaning the beach and let me tell you it was FILTHY! It's disgusting the way people litter. We were in charge of cleaning it because the park was to be extended to the beach and the inauguration would be soon. In fact, our summer group got be a part of the inauguration, sadly I missed it because I was at my graduation. Conflicting schedules -_- It was a great two weeks which were very tiresome but I enjoyed immensely.
Here we are at work!

I am super excited to be going to college in August and start my major. I elected English Literature with a minor concentration in Creative Writing. I sent an application to the Universidad de Puerto Rico. In the Rio Pierdas campus. Gladly, I was accepted and I’m super happy for that! I got a good score on my College Board (SAT for you guys) and I graduated with all A's. I spent most of June juggling between going to the beach and having fun with my friends and going to the university to take papers and getting blood tests.
I HATE needles. Loathe them with a vengeance. I had to be vaccinated three times and had to get a syphilis test and a tuberculosis test and a CBC as requirements for my medical papers for the university. It was awful! Plus, I was told I needed a note from my doctor saying I got chicken pox when I was little and you don’t even want to know all the trouble I went through for that! I visited the university and doctor’s office so many times it was driving me nuts. Plus I ended up getting another bloodied CBC (meaning more needles) because my pediatrician said he had needed to see how I was doing because I never went there. That’s because I’m never sick, dude! This means I’m fine!
And like I said I went to the beach plenty with my friends which was super fun and I think I’m Snooki-colored. Yikes!

At the beach with some friends!

More beach! More friends!

At the movies.


Pool! yay!


Being a pirate with my baby brother.

Oh yeah. I am Mrs. Maturity now. :p

Tragedies also happen and my best friend moved to Texas! We met when I moved back to Puerto Rico from Michigan. It was second semester of the sixth grade and I met him the first day. We've been best friends ever since.
I cried a lot, and it was awful. I gave him my Hunger Games book as a parting gift and we baked him a cake and everything. I'm happy for him because he wanted to leave, but I’m so heartbroken because I miss him like crazy! I miss his dumbass jokes and goofy remarks and I miss laughing with him over stupidities until my ribs hurt. the little bastard jumped on a plane like two days after school ended so he didn’t even go to the graduation. I talk to him on the phone, we Skype, text and tweet to each other, but it’s so not the same and I still miss him!

Me and my Best Friend ♥

For July I got yet another job, but this one is because my stepmom's mother (my step-grandma?) works at a credit union and her secretary is on vacation. She’s totally swamped with work so she offered to me a temp 3 week job until her secretary comes back so I can help her out by answering phone calls and attending the public. Turns out I’m pretty good at this stuff and I learned quickly, so by the second day I was printing out checks and doing consumer reports. We got to talking and turns out it won’t be just for three weeks! I’m working until I start college and she said that once I get my schedule and everything, if we can squeeze in a part time we will! So I’m super excited for that.

So, I think that’s all for now! If you endured until the end you are AWESOME! ♥

Us after spending all day at the pool and on the Slip n' Slide. :D
I totally love this pic!

--Edmiary Ayala

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