Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick—Cover Reveal!

Okay! So this book is one that I am absolutely dying to hold in my hands and devour. As I scrolled down my Twitter timeline this morning I came across this beautiful and magnificent post. I scrolled back thinking "No way. It can't be! But Holy Rats, it IS." My friends it was the cover of FINALE. Yes, Finale, the final installment in the wickedly, insanely, amazing series by Becca Fitzpatrick. Okay, so with already a thumping heart and clammy hands I clicked on the link and then BAM. There it was, pure beauty before my eyes. THE COVER! OMG I spoke total gibberish before I could form a coherent thought and speak something intelligible. I was in the car with my stepmom and she eyed me like I was crazy, then she really looked a little freaked out when I started screaming and yelping and I smashed the phone in front of her face and could finally burst out the word causing so much excitement. "FINALE! OMFG LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS COVER! OH GOD I LOVE IT! IT'S MY FAVORITE ONE!" I immediately quoted the tweet to my best friend because he'd also read the books and he knew all about my excitement, unlike my stepmom. *scoffs*

Okay enough! I reveal to you... Finale :)

Did you get a good look? Did you? Beautiful, huh? Yeah, well that's all we're getting until October. *sniffles and crawls to sit dejectedly in a dark corner to cry undisturbed*

While we cry and wait make sure to PRE-ORDER!
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Here's the link to the great people of MTV who took pity on us and showed us the cover.

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