Monday, May 28, 2012

New Chapter

Today is officially my last day as a High School Senior. Today I will graduate and start a new chapter in my life: College!
High School was a place that made me feel like a total rollercoaster. Sometimes I'd hate it,
then love it, then hate it again. I had my drama and feuds and ups and downs and laughs and tears; everything! Even after all the bad times, and trust me there were a few, I will freaking miss it! I'm goimg to miss laughing at my teachers (it's inevitable), sitting under the tree in front of the school with my friends like a bunch of hippies, teasing my classmates, the riots that sometimes came up and the the afternoons we all took the bus to my friends house and we'd laugh like goons until our ribs ached. All the times we went out the adventures we had, like just the other day we went to the beach and when we got back it turms out we were locked oit. Ueah, total adventures. But, I'm confident that I will still keep seeing my friends and make new ones omce the year starts and I go to college. Even though I will miss HS, I can't wait and I know I'll love going to College in the Fall. So cheers to me and all my classmates. May this year and the ones to come be the greatest yet.

Edmiary Ayala: Now a College Student :)

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