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So Over You by Gwen Hayes

Release Date: April 25, 2010
Publisher: Gwen Hayes
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 126
Format: Kindle
Shelfability: Bought
Source: Bookstore
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Synopsis: Layney Logan, girl reporter.
That's all she's ever wanted to be. This year, her senior year, not only does she have to share the coveted Senior Editor position with her arch nemesis, Jimmy Foster, she also has to figure out how to keep the school paper alive. With the local paper closing and the school cutting Journalism from the budget, it's a long shot. Working side-by-side with Foster, the guy she likes to call Lucifer, makes it even worse.
The only thing Layney dislikes more than swimming in the high school dating pool is Jimmy Foster thinking he got the best of her, so she takes
his ridiculous newspaper assignment--to go on twelve blind dates--to prove his powers of darkness won't work on her. The trouble is, the more she learns about herself on her journey of bad blind dates, the more she wonders if maybe Foster has known her better than she knows herself all this time.

And maybe she should have trusted him with the secret she’s kept for four years—the secret that broke them up to begin with.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was funny and cute. It's a pretty quick read and I wished it would have been a little longer, but I fell in love nonetheless. Layney is strong and independent which I loved but she also had this softer side where she needed Foster, even though she didn't want to, and it was incredibly cute. They have this hate relationship going on most of the time, but from the beginning I had my doubts. Then it turns out that Foster and Laney dated a while back and she still hold a bit of a grudge and that's why she can't stand him... or so she claims. Laney and Foster are co-editors at the school newspaper and Layney believes that Foster is always trying to take her down, though I always actually saw Foster more on the defensive side rather than offensive. He was more like countering Lanyey's attacks all the time. I loved Foster because he was cute, funny and always got under Laney's thick skin.

One last thing I'll add; I hate spoiling but this is too hilarious to not talk about so I'm going to say it. Be warned, from here down what you will read is SPOILERY!

One of my favorite scenes was when Layney sneaked into the school office because she was suspicious (won't spoil any more than I already am with the what) and Foster had been spying on her and followed her in. The teacher comes back into the office and they hide in the closet so they don't get caught. So there they are, in a dark, uncomfortable place, totally invading their personal space. Layney's back is pressed up against Foster's chest and suddenly she feels something pressed against her back. Oh yeah, it's what you're thinking. When the teacher leaves and they get out of the closer she is just incredulous! And I laughed so hard! It was so funny! How she was so baffled and him embarrassed! And I'm going to quote his defense because I laughed a lot.
"Look, I'm a guy. Your ass was touching my groin. Of course I'm going to pop a boner. It's a natural reaction."

I leave you with that folks!

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