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Guest Post: So What's In A Name? & Book Review

Hello! And welcome to "What's In A Name?", a guest post of the All's Fair In Vanities War Virtual Blog Tour.

You might think authors randomly pick names off bus billboards, or follow fads, but we don’t. Most young adults have never named another human being, but I bet most of you have named a pet, so you can see the importance of a name, and the name should be one you like since you’ll be using it a lot, especially in the case of a pet. That’s why Keleigh thought that the puppy Locke gave her needed a fierce name, and Locke knew this pup would be her protector if he wasn’t around.
For an author, naming a character is like naming of one of your children. I research names by scouring through name books. I do internet searches and find the core meanings of names. I make sure that the ethnicity of the name fits the characters time and place and also the characters goal in the book. Here are the main characters in All’s Fair in Vanity’s War and what their names mean.

The Seer
​We don’t know her real name, it’s never mentioned in the book, because to speak the name of the dead is to bring them pain and suffering, especially if they are still in this world. A person destined to be a Seer is sacrificed in a fire ceremony and is reborn to witness and record epic events. Our Seer was a modern young woman, who doesn’t seem to especially care for her new role, nor does she yet realize its potential. But that’s because it’s difficult to accept one’s own death, and then watch the life of the one you love the most.

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Lockhardt Keven Cavanaugh (Locke, because every key needs a lock)
Lockhardt : Tuetonic meaning strong beguiler
​Kevin: beautiful offspring
​Cavanaugh: mild, benevolent, merciful, a friend or companion

Keleigh Grian Flaherty (Key, because every lock needs a key)
​Keleigh: beautiful, slender
​Grian: sun, sun goddess
​Flaherty: of noble deeds; chieftain like exploits

Madison Jeanette Marx
​Madison: mighty in battle
​Jeanette: God is gracious
​Marx: dedicated to Mars, the god of war

Wolfgang Ignatius Zacaris (aka Wiz)
​Wolfgang: traveling wolf
​Ignatius: ardent burning
​Zacaris: to think about or meditate on
Wiz is not only an acronym for his given name, but also short for computer wizard. A techie or electrodork. You can see why he prefers Wiz, Wolfgang, seriously? Madi doesn’t know his real name yet, so keep that quiet.

Boudicca (puppy)
Boudicca was the great Celtic queen of the Iceni, who after her husband fell in battle against the invading Romans assumed his role. It was said that she had a harsh voice, red hair to her knees, a huge frame and terrifying countenance.

Lincoln Xavier Campbell (aka Lynx)
​Lincoln: from settlement by pool
​Xavier: intelligent
​Campbell: wry, crooked, distorted mouth
​Lynx: bobcat from California, they are usually solitary animals with extremely good hearing, with sharp teeth which they sink deeply into their prey.

Ciara Borrail
​Ciara: little black one
​Borrail: swaggering, boastful, haughty and proud

Bridgiana the Maiden of the Sisters Three Bridgiana: exalted one. In Irish mythology she is the goddess of fire, poetry and wisdom, the daughter of Dagda who was reborn in the 5th century as St. Bridget.

Ilithyia the Mother of the Sisters Three
​Ilithyia: the ready comer. In Greek mythology she is the goddess of midwifery and childbirth

Arianna the Crone of the Sisters Three
​Arianna: Silver one, a very Holy One, pledge.

Darby Eilis Flaherty (nee McIntyre) Keleigh’s mother
​Darby: free of envy
​Eilis: Consecrated to the Gods
Michael Flaherty, Keleigh’s father
​Michael: Who is ‘like’ God

Dr. Rory Keleigh Cavanagh (nee McIntyre) Locke’s mother
​Rory: red ruler
​Keleigh: Beautiful one

Dr. Alsandair Driscol Cavanagh, Locke’s father
​Alsandair: avenger
​Driscol: interpreter

So what do you think is in a name? Please post your name in the comments with its meaning and if you think its meaning applies to your personality.

About the book: Salem’s always held sinister secrets. No one understands this better than a sixteen-year-old girl who dies on Halloween night and is reborn a Seer.
The Seer can’t imagine anything worse than being an invisible teenager with enormous black wings. Until she finds out she’s been sacrificed to watch over Locke’s new flame.
Locke Cavanaugh is a Druid, and part of the Order, a clandestine organization entrusted with keeping its members cloaked in the Ordinary world. Physically scarred from the accident that took his girlfriends life, Locke is searching for the OtherWorldly magic that damaged him, because only those without blemish can rule the Order. And once at the helm of the Order he has every intention of finding those responsible for her death.
On the West Coast, Keleigh Flaherty witnesses her parents’ murder by beasts that should only exist in nightmares. She is whisked off to the safety of Salem, where she learns how potent and dangerous her concealed Vate talents are. Keleigh wants to be Ordinary, but when her mother reaches out from the OtherWorld, and implores her to find a forgotten relic she’ll have to use all her ExtraOrdinary powers to locate it.
As Locke and Keleigh join forces, they unravel the Order’s involvement in the witch hysteria and murmurs of a Celtic prophecy. While Locke’s affection for Keleigh blooms, The Seer is torn between her duty to protect Keleigh, and her desire to stop Locke from making the ultimate sacrifice in order to earn Keleigh’s love . . .
But if they don’t find the witches bottle before the
ShiningOnes do, someone stalking Keleigh from the shadows will take her instead and plunge all worlds into chaos.

My Review: This book took me by surprise. I started reading before I'd read the synopsis and when a few pages later Seer was killed I was dumbstruck. I went back and read the synopsis before continuing. The book was seriously great! I loved the originality of it. I'm a sucker for mythology and I've never read much of the Celtic so it was awesome to read something a little different.
It was a fun and entertaining read. I was pretty sympathetic towards The Seer, I mean it must suck to suddenly die and worse that you have to watch everyone go on with their lives. I f that's not enough, try seeing your boyfriend falling in love with someone else and have to help them! The story was intense and thrilling. I seriously adored this supernatural tale and await the sequel :)

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