Monday, December 12, 2011

Computer Problems!

 HELP ME!!! :(
My computer's charger totally burned down and now I have no computer until further notice. my parent's ordered another one from eBay but until it arrives I'm so screwed! I'll still be posting but it'll be from my Blogger App from my iPod and it is so no the same. For one, it's so much harder editing and posting pics as well as arranging them. I'll do my best to post everything in order and nicely but if I cannot, I'm sorry. As soon as my charger is delivered I will edit them and fix them.
Another thing is that I was in the middle of reading Angel Evolution by David Estes but it was on my Kindle's PC so it will have to stay on pause until I have my laptop back. While I wait I'm going to start reading The Night Circus.
Anyway! So that's basically it and I'm sorry for any inconviniences and stuff but hopefully I'll have no more trouble soon enough.

Thank You,

Edmiary Ayala

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