Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Splurge!

Hey! I really wanted to share something with you guys but it is nothing related with what the blog is about which is, well, books. So, I had this idea to create a post where I can post whatever I want and call it Random Splurge! and here it is! I even created a cool pic for it! Anyway! So what i wanted to share with you guys was...

Lately, I've been really hooked on Fall Out Boy (which is a shame I didn't give them a chance sooner since they're on an indefinite hiatus). And I like quite a lot of songs of theirs but my latest leave-on-repeat-for-days song is Dance, Dance. I was a little curious about the lyrics and I understood the meaning behind them but a few sentences were still a mystery to me. I Googled them and found this interpretation online that I simply loved and wanted you guys to read.

Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy
November 2005

I think you're all right to a degree, but here's my take on it:
The title "Dance, Dance" itself is referring to the "game", or in this case, Dance of relationships/life
In the first verse, "She says she's no good with words but I'm worse" is her attempting to put the blamefor her breaking up with him on him. She doesn't really know what to say, but to her, it's clearly his fault. Not to him. The "joke of a romantic" is him vainly attempting her to win her back, but he's "Weighed down with words over-dramatic," meaning there's so much he wants to tell her, but he just can't get it out. After they talk, "Tonight it's 'it can't get much worse' Vs. 'no one should ever feel like..' " is him relating his now current situation to old clich├ęs. "I'm two quarters and a heart down" means they broke up over the phone (gay). After the breakup, he immediately starts to cling to his memories of them together, not wanting to forget how her voice sounds, etc. He then turns inward, saying "These words are all I have so I'll write them," which is his plan for his final attempt to bring closure to his situation... which sets up for the chorus.
In the chorus, he's saying that during the game of life, we're falling apart half the time, it's just how we pick ourselves back up again that makes us who we are. We see all the happy people everywhere in TV, etc., and those are the lives we want to lead. However, he knows that it's never going to be that simple, and he just wants her to be happy. He loved her the only way that he knew how; with everything he had. She, however, decided to move on, and he wishes the best for her, comparing that the way she feels with the other guy as the complete polar opposite of how miserable he feels.
Second verse is actually part of their conversation on the phone. This is him calling her out because she has a knack for folding under pressure, or when someone sees her for who she really is (which is exactly who she DOESN'T want them to see, since she in fact hates herself and is insecure). So, "Drink up its last call, Last resort, But only the first make mistake and I..." Is him taking a stand and forcing her to make the next move. He's seen through her crap, and her excuses and pathetic attempts at rectifying her actions.
The third and shortest verse is him telling her to "man up" and show some backbone, because he knows exactly why she wants to break up with him... She's been cheating (or at least thinking about it... 'saving' could mean both in the sense that she doesn't do anything for HIM because she's either ALREADY doing it with the other guy, or she's ABOUT to). Regardless, he already knows... which is kinda his fault for not saying anything earlier, since now she's breaking up with him, when he had the perfect reason to do it earlier to her, but my guess is he just loved her too much.
The final blurb in the finale "I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me," is saying that he only wants her if she can realize just how much he loved her, and return to her "rightful place"... or he just wants a last "good-bye screw," hahahaha.
Finally, the song fades out with the title "Dance, Dance," signifying that regardless of what happens with them the game of life goes on and on.

...but that's just what I think.

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