Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Gobble Gobble Turkey Day!

Alright. So this is me saying Happy Thanksgiving in advance because you won't be seeing much of me online for the next few days. More specifically until next Monday. But just because I won't be online it doesn't mean I won't do any reading! So once I come back I have a few interesting reviews for you guys.

This week I'm also going to be working hard on meeting my goal on NaNo of 50,000 words. I am weeping because I'm a bit behind so I shall bleed over my keyboard because I must reach that goal!
Another thing! Remember to take this time to spend it with your loved ones and eats lots of turkey and give thanks to God, mom, dad, the trees and everything that you have. This is the perfect time of year to Eat, Pray, Love ;)


Edmiari Ayala ♥

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