Monday, October 17, 2011

So much work, so little time!

OMG! You guys I am eternally sorry! I knwo I am waaaay behing in posting reviews—I still owe you 3 from my previous IMM—but i promise I'm trying really hard!


The problem is that since I got back from Disney I've been having to catch up with work (if I'm honest it didn't take too long) plus I had a Physics test last week, I spent this whole weekend cleaning my house, I've been working on the appearance of my blog, so on and so forth. It will probably be a bit harder because tomorrow I'm starting community service hours (not the ones for school, mind you. Those were 40 and are already completed). My school day ends at 2:10pm but my bus never arrives until 3:30pm (PAINFUL!) so I'm going to do an hour with my Physics teacher helping him grade papers and such. Then when the buses arrive, I take the one that leaves me directly in front of my little brothers nursery. There I will do 2 hours until my stepmother picks us up. I should be arriving at my house around 6:10pm. EVERYDAY.
After that, I have to attend to personal needs like say, shower, eating, homework, etc.
AND THEN I CAN DEDICATE TIME FOR MY BLOG. But don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds. I'm sure I can sneak some time here and there.
Okay, so once I post the last 3 reviews from my IMM, I'll show you guys the book haul I got this week! I got 10 books! Yay me! But I won't tell you guys until my next IMM, sorry. Anyway thanks and bye! ♥

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