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Looking for Alaska by John Green

Release Date: August 2008
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 256
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Source: Friend
Buy the Book: Amazon

I always abstain from spoiling in my reviews. I find a way in which I can express why and how much I liked the book without giving things away and trying to make the reader be interested in the book. But with this book I find it impossible to review it without spoiling some things. So I am warning you...


I'm going to start by saying that I loved this book right up until the end. Literally. When I turned the page and saw that there was no more I felt my mouth go open. I was like: "What? That's it?!" And for that reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5.
Miles "Pudge" Halter is this boring, safe kid that decides to go to a boarding school in Alabama. That is where he meets Alaska Young. Alaska is beautiful, moody, self-destructive, sexy, a little crazy and taken. She launches Pudge into her world and steals his heart in a way he didn't think was possible.
After a master prank pulled off by Pudge and his friends, he finally gets the impossible shot to make out with Alaska. What was starting to feel like the best night of his life turns into a terrible tragedy. Drunk, angry and confused Alaska drives off into the night to never come back. She crashes and dies and Pudge just can't carry his guilty conscience anymore knowing he helped her escape the school or the anger that she promised him that they had a to be continued. but she will never return and Pudge doesn't know what to do anymore. Nothing is the same.

Up until this point (and as I mentioned before) I loved everything. I cried at the tragedy, laughed at their pranks and jokes, angered at Alaska. I will tell you why it is that I didn't like the end.
Green's idea of the story was amazing. I get that the whole idea of the book is that, sometimes, in life you don't get answers. You won't always know what happened or why and I get that. I totally understand his idea and appreciate it and love it but the story felt incomplete somehow. I know that your thinking "That's the point!" But I still expected more... closure. An ending that, even if we never found out exactly why Alaska did what she did and if she purposely did it, it still felt complete and satisfying. Other than that I loved it. i just wanted a bit more closure for Miles.

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