Saturday, October 8, 2011


...And with lots to tell! I got back from Disney tonight (like two hours ago). Like I mentioned in my earlier post, it was my first time going to Disney. I'm not even sure how to say how I liked it. It was... I don't even know what word to use. It was... bittersweet? Yes. That's the word.
I loved the rides and shows and parades and lights and fireworks and everything was so beautiful and magical. All of that is true. But Disney never mentions the awful heat and sun and long lines and ALL THAT WALKING!
The first park we went to was Island of Adventure (I know it's not part of Disney but I don't care, I still say it is) and we walked some but I thought: "Hey, it's not as bad as my aunt told me it would be with the walking and stuff."
Second day: same thing (we went to Universal). On Monday (third day and MY BIRTHDAY!) we went to Magic Kingdom. We were there ALL DAY! I mean seriously. From 8am to 9:20pm. I wanted to die. My feet were killing me, I was tired, sleepy, and simply wanted to cry of exhaust. But I still loved it! It was actually kind of funny because the last two days my feet or legs didn't even hurt. I was joking with my stepmom that I was immune to it already and that's why it didn't hurt and I'd probably lost sensation in my legs and feet. But like I said, I LOVED IT ANYWAYS!
One of my favorite parks was Island of Adventure. Great park. And... HARRY POTTER!
Yes. I am a Potter fan. I love the movies. I want to read the books but I haven't had the chance, sadly. The Harry Potter park is new, opened I believe only about a year or so ago. It has this amazing attraction where you get on and it's this, like, virtual/3D/coaster movie. It is amazing! You feel like you're right there flying on your broom behind Harry!

One of the coolest things about this trip was that I got to spend my 17th birthday in Magic Kingdom! Which was super fun and awesome and simply magical.

I think thats it. I've blabbered long enough. And in case you were wondering: Yes, I did read Lola. And yes, I loved it. And yes, you should BUY IT!
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