Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've Made My Decision

For the past couple of months I have been pondering and considering every career option I could think of. I brainstormed about things and subjects I liked, which wasn't much because I only pretty much like Math and English. So I kept thinking that I love solving Math problems because I like being challenged and I like thinking. So I considered becoming an Engineer. If there is a career that works with Math and numbers it's Engineering. It also involves science which, I'm not too fond of, but I thought I could endure it because after I got my degree it would mainly be focused on Math. So then I considered what branch? There are so many kinds of Engineers it's insane. Architectual, Mechanical, Electrical, etc. So I know squat about Engineers or what any of the branches actually do but I figure I want to be a Civil Engineer because my aunt is one and I thought "Oh roads and bridges and crap. How hard could it be?" So I was dead set on being an Engineer. I still know nothing about it so everytime my parents ask all I respond is that I love Math, which is true. So then I'm thinking "Roads and bridges? How boring!" So I consider other branches and think about buildings. Skyscrapers specifically. I think about how enormous and amazing they are and I instantly switch my career to Architectual Enginnering because buildings are cool. All the while my stepmother has been suggesting I study to become a writer because I love reading and she says I have a wild imagination. I'm incredulous and hardheaded and simply refuse to even consider the option. After some time I decide to comply. I consider it and still think I lack imagination and talent in the whole thing but I am willing to give myself a test: I will start writing and if by the time I graduate from High School I have written a book or am very much underway to being finished I will study to become a writer.
I commence my journey through writing. First I think of names, physical traits, some characteristics, nothing solid. I decided I'm interest in Young Adult. All things fantasy and supernatural, specifically. So I mentally browse creatures of the paranormal until I am content with my choice. I start writing (clueless as of the plot or pretty much anything except a creature and a few names) and discover I actually love writing.
Quick parentheses:(I have always loved reading. It's my passion, addiction, hobby, everything but I was never a big fan of writing but then my, sometimes incompetent, brain reminds me that I can type because there is a thing called technology and I hesitate no longer in concluding I love to write. And not to toot my own horn but it turns out I'm damn good at it, too.)
I'm studying writing. I do some research an do some thinking. I need money and a job and I won't graduate and start making the New York Times bestseller all of a sudden. It takes time. Stumped, again. I go back to my Engineering options. I Google some info on the whole Architectual branch and I am so disappointed. I am so not studying that. I decide to Google about writing and English and literature and what not. I am very, very satisfied and love every course, class an aspect of it. I am in love. I love it so much that I'm drooling over every branch of English Literature wishing I could take them all. I browse many branches but none seem to quite fit me. I'm browsing the branches, reading descriptions and I run across the most precious thing an I am finally decided what I want to do with my life. I am decided and this time nothing will change my mind.


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